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NeutraHaze Floor & Surface Cleaner

Neutrahaze professional floor & surface is a powerful concentrated cleaner and odour eliminator which cuts through messes and smells on all surfaces, leaving behind nothing but fresh smelling, shiny results.

The non abrasive rinse free formulation is ideal for mopping and general surface cleaning from a spray bottle and cloth. Available in a huge range of scents, which are guaranteed to leave your home smelling amazing, no more animal smells.

All Neutrahaze products are designed and made by animal lovers, for use around animals, so you can be certain that this product is safe to use in all animal contact areas. Does not contain phenols, bleaches or pine oils.

Safe to use on all water washable surfaces, floors, walls, cages, feeding bowls, bedding, runs, yards, carpets, toilets and drains, NeutraHaze Floor & Surface Cleaner has a broad, balanced spectrum of activity against bacteria, yeasts, mould and fungi.

How to use:
Dilute 50ml per 1 litre of water. Use in a bucket and mop or can be used in a spray bottle as a surface cleaner. The solution will clean and neutralise odours on all surfaces it comes into contact with.

Where to use:
Use on any surface you wish to be cleaned, suitable for hardwood floors, tile floors, laminate floors, slate and vinyl flooring. You can also use this animal friendly cleaner as a general surface cleaner across worktops, cabinets, sinks, tiles, doors and kitchen appliances.

The mixture can be safely used on all animal contact areas, such as kennels, stables, grooming tables, food bowls and around the home. Any washable surface can be cleaned. Also suitable for use in carpet cleaners at the same dilution ratios as above.

About Neutrahaze

Neutrahaze products work by binding to odour-forming nucleophilic molecules, and once bound the smells cannot be released back into the atmosphere. Designed specifically for where smell originates from urine,
excrement, sweat, skunk spray, garlic as well as from rotten meat, fish etc, Neutrahaze will eliminate any odour it comes into contact with.

In order to eliminate the targeted odour, NeutraHaze must come into direct contact with the odour molecule, this can be achieved with the use of our wide range of Neutrahaze products designed for use around animals and the home, Neutrahaze products as well as being animal safe are perfect for a wide range of applications:

  • Household products
  • Sanitary products
  • Car care products
  • Pet care products
  • Industrial cleaners
  • Paper industry
  • Sewage plants
  • Air fresheners

Odour-effective for clothing, bedding, furniture, carpets and hard floor applications in homes, boats, RVs, kennels, catteries, rest rooms and many other areas where odours can be a problem.


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