Pet Perfume Fragrance Sprays size information:


100ml comes as pictured spray bottle with label.

1000ml & 5000ml

1litre and 5 litre are refill sizes, these will need pouring into your own bottles for your own use or reselling.

10 x Labelled pet perfumes

You will receive ten bottles of 100ml pet perfume, complete with Cleanine branding. Perfect for people wishing to resell online or instore, or who wish to stock up on a favourite scent.

10 x unlabelled pet perfumes

You will receive ten bottles of 100ml pet perfume, but they wont be labelled individually, the packaging they arrive in will be labelled to ensure you know what’s inside. These are perfect for people who wish to add their own branding or want a discount on bulk 100ml sprays and don’t need a label.


Le Male Pet Perfume Fragrance Spray

A creamy soft lavender accord with rich white florals, ylang, geranium and a sweet base freshened with a touch of mint.

Le Male Pet perfume is a great after bath time scent for use between washes for the just washed fresh smell, a perfect pet perfume for male and female animals. Use as a finishing spray after a grooming session and between bathing to freshen the coat.

Pawlicious Pet Perfumes not only smell great, but also contain added conditioner to nourish and protect the coat and antibacterial properties that ensures the coat is clean and made from only the best quality fragrance oils.

Perfect for your furry friends who like to roll in stinky stuff (even fox poo)! Or for when you need to clean the animal and shampoo and water isn’t an option, spray onto the coat and brush or rub through to remove the dirt whilst the formula cleans, nourishes and leaves a delightful scent.

As used by groomers who return pets to their owners with that freshly groomed scent, you can now keep that just groomed feeling until the next visit to the groomer.
We have a huge range of beautiful fragrances so you can match your furry best friend to its ideal scent.

How to use:
Simply apply lightly through a dry coat as required, or after a grooming session as a finishing spray. Do not spray directly at eyes, mouth or ears.

All pawlicious pet products are manufactured in the UK to the highest standards using Pure Scented cosmetic grade ingredients, if we wouldn’t put it on ourselves, we wouldn’t put it on our pets!



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Please read and understand before purchasing unlabelled/bulk sizes, if you are unsure please contact us.

When you buy unlabelled or bulk size pet perfumes these will not come individually labelled.

10 x 10 Un labelled will come as 10, 100ml bottles with no labels, They will come in a bag, this bag will have one single label in it which will include the fragrance name and all the information you need to include on your own branding.

1 Litre and 5 Litres come in a bottle/jerry can, these do not have atomisers, you will need to decant these into your own bottles. They will be labelled which will include the fragrance name and all the information you need to include on your own branding.

You must replace our names, address etc with your own details. These labels are provided as a guide as to how to create your own labels.

Digital copies of all labels can be found here 

You do not need to include the ingredients on your labels, but if you wish to do so the ingredients are as follows:
Alcohol Denat