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NeutraHaze Professional Artificial Grass Cleaner

Professional Artificial Grass Disinfectant contains NeutraHaze odour eliminating technology, which binds and traps odours at a molecular level, meaning they cant come back. Specifically designed for use around animals.

The powerful Biocidal 3-in-1 concentrated formula disinfects, cleans and deodorises artificial grass and AstroTurf, instantly removing odours and disease from your artificial lawn. It will effectively destroy moss, algae, bacteria, fungi and viruses at the source. As the formula treats and coats the artificial grass it also prohibits future moss and algae growth.

Available in a range of powerful fragrances to leave your artificial grass germ free and smelling amazing, whilst also being highly economical 1 litre makes 20 litres of useable disinfectant.