Just 20ml – 50ml to 1 litre of water and apply to affected area.
Destroys odours, whilst disinfecting and cleaning leaving a strong powerful fragrance.

Add any 4 5 litres to basket and pay only £109.98



4 Malodour for serious odour problems!

4 Malodour removes all types of foul odours immediately and completely.

Destroys all cat and dog urine smells whilst being 100% animal safe.

Use in pet and human toilet areas to clean and leave a choice of strong fragrances.

Can be used on artificial grass.

Can be used in steam cleaners.

Can be used in hoover bags.

Can be used in pressure washers to clean yards and patios.

Use 4 Malodour concentrate when enzymes and other products fail to remove the odour. 4 Malodour works by destroying the bacteria that causes bad smells. Cheaper odor-kill just mask bad smells, 4 Malodour destroys smells and germs.

Permanently eliminates even deeply embedded odours from urine, feces, decayed matter, vomit, molds, mildew, rubbish bins, and more. Kills odours produced by previous bacterial action. Leaves a powerful fragrance.

Widely used by the sewage and rodent control industry for its POWER Put it in your pressure washer, fogging gun, down drains, mop bucket. If you have a dead rodent under floorboards you cant reach, soak some cotton wool in 4 Malodour and place nearby

Weight 550 g


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