What is canker?

Canker is caused by a mite, that is often dropped from foxes or other animals already infected.
Mites can appear in the ears as either brown waxy scabs, or as a foul smell with puss. These mites can also spread to other parts of the animal, such as the feet, anus and skin. Causing general distress and making them uncomfortable.

How do I know if my pet has canker?

Symptoms can include head shaking, bottom pulling, chewing paws and all over body scratching.

What is ear canker?

Ear canker typically manifests as brownish waxy scabs in the ear and accompanied with an offensive smell.
The symptoms are scratching, head shaking, rubbing of ears on the floor and general distress.  There can be red sores, inflammation and scabs caused by constant scratching.

How do I use canker powder?

Directions for ears:

Apply a pinch of powder around the inner ear avoiding the ear hole, you may wish to apply the powder using a small soft brush or earbud.
Gently massage the powder in from the outside. Apply powder twice a day, relief comes with the first dose but you should continue for 3-5 days until the brown wax starts to move. This means the mite is dead and the wax will come away. A weekly treatment of powder will keep the animal free from re-infection.

Directions for anus:

If the animal pulls it’s bottom on the floor, and it is not gland trouble, the mites could have made a breeding bed under the tail. Mix powder with a cream such as Vaseline and apply under the tail.

Directions for paws:

Hold the paw in a plastic bag containing a small amount of powder. Work powder between claws, into pads and a little way up the leg.

Directions for ear hair stripping:

Dust the inside of the ear with powder before plucking to allow easier and less painful hair removal.

Does canker powder work?

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