Eye Balsam For Turtles 20ml

Eye Balsam for Turtles 20ml, It is a liquid mixture of 3 natural products with healing, highly antibacterial and antiseptic effects;


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Eye Balsam For Turtles 20ml

Is a liquid mixture of 3 natural products with healing, highly antibacterial and antiseptic effects. The colour of the preparation is gold-brown, clear. The taste is slightly bitter and astringent. The preparation has cooling effects on eye mucosa and airways.

Eye inflammation symptoms in turtles:

The main inflammation symptoms include swollen and reddish eyelids and conjunctivitis. Purulent, sticky discharge can be seen around eyes and sometimes nostrils. Eyes are often closed, turtle shows lower food intake, seeks warm places and stays out of water. This process is progressing and may result in death of your pet. The sooner you start doing something about this situation, the less your turtle suffers and healing is generally quicker.
Eye inflammation is often caused by unbalanced diet, in particular by vitamin A deficiency. Therefore, use the REVIT multivitamin preparation as supportive treatment, either by applying it on food or by putting drops directly in turtle’s mouth. (2-3 drops 2-3 x a day)

Ingredients: argentum colloidale 15 ppm 80%, matricaria recutita concentrate 10%, agrimona eupatoria concentrate 10%
Argentum colloidale (colloidal silver) – a natural substance with highly antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic effects.
Marticaria recutita (chamomile) – due to essential oils the preparation has positive effects on inflammation of eyes as well as oral cavity, nasal mucosa and skin. It is a partly antibacterial, antiviral immunostimulant. Carrier: 1.2 PG.
Agrimonia eupatoria (common agrimony) – shows highly antiseptic and healing effects on eyes, mucosa and skin. Carrier: 1.2 PG.
The preparation is intended for treatment of mild infection of eyes as well as oral cavity and skin, e.g. in hardly accessible parts such as the line between turtle’s skin and shell.