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Product Quantity

Artificial Grass Cleaner 5 Litre

Floor & Surface Cleaner 5 Litre

Odour Eliminator Spray 5 Litre Refill

Odour Kill 5 Litre

Pet Bed Wash 5 Litre

NeutraHaze Odour Eliminating Disinfectant 5 Litre

2 in 1 Multi Breed Shampoo 5 Litre

About Neutrahaze

The active ingredients NeutraHaze chemically attach to the functional groups common to most unpleasant odours. These include amine (common to cigarette and cigar smoke and waste lagoons), this (common to garlic, onions, skunk), and acid (common to human sweat) functional groups. The resulting molecule formed via the chemical bond of the odour’s functional group and DEO-46G is odorless.

In order to eliminate the targeted odour, NeutraHaze must come into direct contact with the odour molecule. This can occur by introducing the product based on NeutraHaze onto the odour generating substance via trigger spray, aerosol, sponge, mop, etc. NeutraHaze can be placed onto a solid support, such a clay, but will not eliminate an odour until the odour comes in contact with the solid support. This can occur by a liquid or a vapor being passed through or passed on top of the support.

Weight 5000 g