Does not contain dyes or artificial colourings.

Enriched with essential vitamins and moisture-locking elements.

Darkest Dazzle shampoo is great for a range of coat colours, including black, grey and blue.

100 litre, 200 litre and 1000 litre sizes are provided in 5 litre jerry cans with or without our own branding depending on your needs, suitable for decanting or labelling with your own branding.

Mix and match deal. Choose any four 5 litres and pay only £74.99. Choose from this product and any of the products below.

Artificial Grass Disinfectant
Carpet & Fabric Shampoo
Floor & Surface Cleaner
Fabric Conditioner
Odour Eliminating Disinfectant
Odour Eliminator Spray


For professional & home use

Darkest Dazzle doesn’t just enhance; it nourishes and revitalizes, leaving your dog’s skin and coat in peak condition. Enriched with essential vitamins and moisture-locking elements. Perfect for all breeds with black or dark coats, this formula ensures that every dog can dazzle with the deep richness of Darkest Dazzle.

  • Easy Rinse
  • PH  Balanced
  • Leaves Coat Silky & Sleek
  • Midnight Berries Fragrance
  • Designed to clean & enhance dark coats

How to use: Wet coat with warm water. Apply shampoo to coat and massage into a lather, may be diluted 20:1, 50ml of shampoo to 950ml of water if desired. Rinse well, repeat as necessary. Finish by drying coat, giving a cuddle and a spritz of a Cleanine Pet Perfume.